Exam Proctoring

Parkland County Libraries invigilates exams for post-secondary distance-learning students. The Library is equipped to invigilate either written or on-line exams.
To book an exam, contact your local Parkland County Library Manager HERE or complete this booking form

There are no fees involved with writing exams at our libraries, but we are unable to accommodate rebooking of exams for students that no-show their booking. PC Libraries will adhere to all rules and guidelines as defined by the students academic institution.

Prior to writing exam, each student must:
1. Contact academic institution to complete any and all paperwork needed and have it sent to the Parkland County Library location you wish to write your exam. 
2. Contact your preferred library location 2-3 days prior to exam to confirm your booking and to ensure all paperwork has arrived. 
3. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to you exam to complete any examination paperwork that maybe required. 
4. The library can supply scrap paper for exams if required and allowed but all other supplemental materials (calculators etc.) must be supplied by the exam writer.

Please Note:

  • Exams may only be written during library hours of operation
  • The student MUST bring picture identification and have a student identification number
  • Postage or any other fees involved with writing the exam are the responsibility of the exam writer, not the library. If an exam needs to be mailed to the academic institution the student MUST bring postage and envelope with them. 

Questions? Contact your local Parkland County Library Manager.